Month: February 2012

The Metro style

Microsoft’s Metro design User Interface has become quite popular after the launch of Windows Phone. In this article, I’m going to give an introduction of Metro UI design of windows Phone and Windows 8 operating system. What is Metro UI and how does it look? Well, Metro UI is built based on Swiss design language…

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Again…Badly hit

Yesterday night,While returning home I had a self skid resulting in scratches on my left hand elbow and toe. Thank god that I was wearing helmet(I always do) other wise I would have ended up in severe injuries on my face and head. The worst part is, My friend Ram who sat behind also had…

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The crowded gift shop

I entered in to the gift shop in my office building to buy books and toys for my niece’s birthday and wondered on seeing the crowd inside. I have never seen so many people inside this shop. What’s so special…? I went ahead and found people buying some red colored greeting cards with hearts and…

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Real books and the other kind

Reading books is the universal way of gaining knowledge. Once there were manuscripts written on palm leaves, clay tablets that passes information to their generations. Later we had hand written books inked with pen. Then came the printed books. Till this day we use the printed books and consider it as the appropriate way for reading…

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Two years over.

I have completed two years in my current company(Tcs). This is my third company.Hope my career be interesting and fruit full. Nothing much to say. Just a quick post.  

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