Who is misterB

I’m balamuthu, born and raised in TamilNadu, India.

I am a lazy, unpredictable, absent-minded, humorous, mostly confused , enthusiastic, coder, a wannabe technology leader and well…

In short I’m a geek and a blogger!

Cooked my first food

Yesterday I cooked my first food – Noodles for my breakfast.

My friend ganesh assisted me. Poured lot of water 🙂 and It was ok but a bit watery 🙂

Lessons learnt : It takes more than two minutes to cook Maggi noodles irrespective of whatever they mention in the cover 🙂

Unprepared for Exam

Tomorrow is my DIP exam and  I did not prepare for it.

I dint feel like studying..I may sound like I’m irresponsible , lazy or I’m down. But I have a gut feel that I can get through the exam.

I may be wrong…

but I don’t want to prepare and then just write the answers that I know. I want to face the questions and discover the answers on my own right on the examination hall 🙂

and I may be wrong…

India won the cup

Yesterday was a great day. India Won the world cup. It’s a dream come true moment after 28 years. I saw the match with my roommates in Hyderabad. I enjoyed the match and it was a thrill win against Srilanka.. Chasing 274 is quite impossible in the finals but Indian batsmen made it. Gambir , Dhoni and Virat Kohli were the heroes yesterday 🙂

Sachin and Yuvraj played well on all games and without them it would be very hard to reach Finals. Sachin did a great job through out the series. His wonderful innings during quarter and semi finals was a great help to Indian team. It was bloody awesome to see Sachin Tendulkar carried by other players on their shoulders. Sachin felt happy and tears were pouring out of one and all.

“He’s carried the burden of our nation for 21 years. It was time to carry him on our shoulders today.” – Virat Kohli commented on Sachin Tendulkar.

Love you Indian team… Love you Sachin !!

Great match and a great Victory.