Thoughts from within

Life is lifeless. I am little depressed personally.

Working for 9+ hours, coming back to room, surfing for awhile and then sleeping

Is this the way to live the life? Shouldn’t I have a desire, should I accept only the thing that comes to me and be like a saint? Shouldn’t I go search for something that I love.

I can live my life as others do… I know how to get rid of depressions. But I am not willing and I just don’t need it.I’m not ok with the happenings.

I am on a pursuit of something …

Life is lifeless.

  One thought on “Thoughts from within

  1. November 18, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Interestingly, these are phases.. which more often than not, pass! 🙂 Thank god for that!!
    But if you do indeed like something, and feel like pursuing it, there nothing/nobody to stop you!

    Life is only lifeless till you breathe life into it.. 🙂

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