Lost Everything Today

Lost enthusiasm,

Lost a little respect,

Lost almost everything in Life,

But not HOPE…

Hoping to get every thing back

Hello Steve jobs, What is Face Time ?

Last week Steve jobs introduced iPhone 4.

The best part of iPhone4 is Face Time, Yes, that is what Steve jobs and every one is saying.

But I have no idea how this face time works.

If it uses WIFI, it requires an internet connection, then how come it is new to world, we already have Skype and Fring Video calling that works like charm using internet. How does this Face Time differ from Skype?

Quite confusing, isn’t. Let us see what Steve Jobs tells about it.

My first 3D movie – Shrek


I always wanted to watch a 3d movie but missed every chance.

A Long wait for a 3D movie has ended today by watching my favorite movie Shrek Forever after. The movie is awesome and I just loved it.

The characters are so live but not as worth as the first installment. Still it was a fun ride all the way with the 3D glasses on  🙂

Note : I have not returned the 3D glasses while returning 🙂