I’m home sick

I’m home sick.

This is not the one which we miss our family and home.  This is something that I feel like I need an own house to live.

Home Sweet Home

I’m thinking of owning a house which has 3 bedrooms where my brother, mom and I can live comfortably.

I have seen many people talking, enquiring about home loans and regularly read Hinduproperty plus news paper to be up to date. I just think what the heck it is 🙂

But now I have started reading the property plus which I have never read before. I’m kayoed on seeing the price of 2,3 BHK flats as I have to pay at least 30 K per month as due for a decent home which is not possible with my current income 😦

And now I remember that once I asked my friend “Do we need to be debt and have the burden of  paying dues throughout our life just to own a house?” and his response was “This is what everybody does if they need to buy a house”

Should I do the same?

I’m not sure that when ill be capable of owning a home… but my mind started thinking of it.

I need an own house and now I’m home sick.


  1. Balu,

    Well written.. Let ur attitude get u a comfortable home for u soon.

    Best of Luck.

    Gunasekaran A

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