Am i a coward ?

A walk down the streets late night is nice and sometimes strange. 

I was late from office last night and had to walk home alone. I was in hurry to reach home but felt relaxed after few steps as the street is calm and beautiful.

There was no one in the streets other me and few stray dogs. I enjoyed my walk by seeing the stars above and absorbing the beauty of silence…

While my home is few blocks away I noticed a man crossing me and then a very old lady coming in distance.

I felt uncomfortable on seeing her as she looked weird and not in her control.

Suddenly she came towards me and started weeping and expressed her grief in loud voice. She could not walk and wants me to help her.

I was scared and perplexed. I just ignored and slid by her while she sat right there and went after few seconds.

I really felt bad for not helping her.

Am I not even brave enough to help someone or am I selfish or being cautious ?

Back to work

After being jobless for 12 days,im back to work 😦

Just joined a new company on Feb 3.its too far from my home.have to travell 50 kms up and down. And i donot know how the job is going to be here. let me wait and see whats happening to me 🙂