June 14, the day I waited for has come…

I was looking for a part-time MS course almost for 2 years and I finally chose Manipal University.

I joined a month before and attended the orientation program yesterday. it went quite well.

First they played a short film of Manipal University and started giving introduction about this corporate program. It seems good. The actual classes are to be started from next week. 🙂

So Form now on I will not have any weekends for one year. 6 days in office and one whole day in college. Let me see how well it’s going and eager to tackle the obstacles that happen during this period of time.

I hope I would do something good and well in my technology and move forward in my career.

All the best to me 😉

Stepping into 27th year…

yesterday i celebrated my 27th birthday with lot hopes for a new gud beginning.im eager to see how this year is going to be…

i have lots of wishes/willings/ambition….but which one is going tobe true..  ill just list down my thought and wishes.. 🙂

  • I wanna do something big in my technology.(ofcourse earning a lot too)
  • Do something good to my nation.(shud i need to join politics?)
  • To be responsible.(huh this one is quite hard 😉 )

these are all my wishes.lemme see whether im fullfilling atleast one…