Welcome 2009

Good bye 2008.

The year was mixed with happiness n hurts, earning n learning, good and bad

And finally 2008 came to an end.

Let me start this New Year with lots of love and hope.

Welcome 2009


Its end of the year,

2009 is near,

Let’s gear up n start with cheer,

Wish you all a Happy New Year


உயிரும் நீயே உடலும் நீயே உறவும் நீயே தாயே 

உன் உடலில் சுமந்து உயிரை பகிர்ந்து உருவம் தருவாய் நீயே!

உன்  கண்ணில் வழியும் ஒரு  துளி  போதும் கடலும் உருகும் தாயே!

உன்  காலடி  மட்டும்  தருவாய்  தாயே, சொர்க்கம்  என்பதும்  பொய்யே!

விண்ணை  படைத்தான்  மண்ணை  படைத்தான்

காற்றும்  ஒளியும்  மழையும்  படைத்தான்  

பூமிக்கு  அதனால்  நிம்மதி  இல்லை 

சாமி  தவித்தான்…  தாயை  படைத்தான்!


– Lyrics by Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu, posted by Balamuthu..


Microsoft Skydrive

Microsoft has extended the skydrive space to 25 gb. now store, access, and share your files with friends or co-workers, from anywhere online. Free 25 GB online storage means you can easily get to your stuff with just a few quick clicks.


  • Password protection: You set the passwords and you decide who sees what, so you have confidence that your data is in your control.
  • Drag and drop: Uploading content is as easy as dragging and dropping the files from your computer onto the Web.
  • Shared folders: Working on a project with classmates, co-workers, or family? With shared folders, the whole crew can upload, download, and collaborate with you on documents and other files.
  • Direct links: Each folder on SkyDrive has a unique Web address, so you can save the link as a favorite or copy-and-paste it into e-mail or other documents for direct access.

check this link for more info about skydrive

The Holiday

Yesterday was a good Sunday.

I spent it pleasantly. The pleasure is all because of the movie The Holiday.

It’s a very good movie that I have enjoyed from the start till the end. The movie is about relationships and is said in a beautiful way. The one thing that I loved much in the movie is the Background music.

It’s awesome. Hans Zimmer’s music is lovely.

My favorite theme music is Maestro and Cry. That sound track makes me feel out of the world.

I’m just gonna download the soundtrack to my iPod. This movie is one of my favorites.

Microsoft Expression Blend

Today I just got thru a website and read about Microsoft Expression Blend. It seems interesting.

Of course this tool came in to use long b4 but only 2day it just caught my sight J




This tool helps developer to design UI with ease.

After seeing this I guess there will not be any more rectangular/square command button J that we usually see in classic visual basic.

Visual studio developers won’t struggle for creating UI here after and need not go for a third party tool. It has similarities to other programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. So working in Expression Blend won’t be that hard for those who are familiar with adobe products.


I’ll try using this tool soon J

– Happy programing –


Visit the below link for more information