Who is misterB

I’m balamuthu, born and raised in TamilNadu, India. I am a lazy, unpredictable, absent-minded, humorous, mostly confused , enthusiastic and… well, in short im a man all the time! Contact id – enterbaluzworld AT gmail dot com


Happy 31′st Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I completed 31 years. Here’s how I spent my birthday… I usually do not like to cut cakes so informed my friends not to bring cakes at night :). It feels so boring to me for some reason. However my colleagues bought a cake to office to celebrate and remind me that I’m getting older…


New York City

Long time no see :) May 2o14 was a busy month for me. Shifting to another apartment, trip to New York etc. My wife and I visited New York. We stayed in a hotel near by Times Square. Our room was in 24th floor and the view from the window was spectacular. Day one: We reached hotel in the evening…


Reminder App

I decided to create a reminder app for IOS. This is not a unique idea, but I just wanted to create an app and learn a language required for it. It is so regretful that I haven’t learnt anything new for the past few years. I don’t want to be stagnated with the knowledge that will be legacy soon. So…



It has been long since I posted on my blog. Now I have something interesting to write about. I visited Florida last week and it was the best trip I have ever been on. Thanks to my friends Partha and Senthil for organizing this. Initially I planned only for a three day trip,  but I had to extend it for…

Hello 2014

Hello 2014!

Happy New Year to all. 2013 was a wonderful year for me. Lot of memorable moments happened, I got married, bought a decent car, traveled to few places, but what about the most important 2013 resolution ? Saving Money? No!! I didn’t save at all. Let me try this year ;). My 2014 resolution is going to be the same…

I got Married!

I’m flying back to US after my vacation. My wife is sitting beside me and I’m blogging this in flight while she’s asleep. I couldn’t believe that I’m married. It’s like I went to bed and got married when I woke up. It was November 13th night. I heard the crackers blasting for several minutes and loud speakers playing ‘Varayo…

A letter to me

Dear Me, This is you writing a letter to you. I know you for the past 30 years and you have been so passionate, awesome, crazy and lazy. But for the last few days you seem too low as if you are going to miss something that you had all these years. I did not see a pinch of excitement…


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